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Stump Grinder Service

When you decide it is necessary to cut down a tree in your landscape, we offer expert stump grinding and stump excavation services. Grinding your stump with our stump grinder is an efficient and cost effective way to remove any stump from your yard. Our stump grinder will quickly turn your stump into wood chips and once the stump chips are cleaned up a lawn or garden can be planted. We offer a friendly professional service that you can count on every time to complete your stump removal safely and efficiently.

Our stump grinder is self-propelled using tracks that distribute the weight of the machine on the ground surface. This means there is low impact to your landscape and lawn (Minimal pounds per square inch-psi). It also means we can access your stump through most gates if there is limited access to your yard. We can grind stumps in many hard to reach areas of your landscape.
Removing and unsightly stump can add beauty to your landscape. You can trust that our friendly expert stump grinding service will accomplish all your stump removal needs quickly and skillfully.

Stump Grinder Services:
• We can grind any size stump.
• We can grind stumps 12 inches below ground level.
• We can grind surface roots.
• We can clean-up and haul away stump chips.
• Up-rooted storm damage stumps can be ground with the stump grinder in most cases and will save money.

Stump Excavation Service:
• When you need a stump completely dug out.
• Excavated stumps can be hauled away.
• Tub grinding services are available too.
• Large and mini-excavators
• Dozer work
• 50 yard end dump hauling

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