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Leave your pruning job to our friendly expert tree trimmers who have over 25 years experience pruning the trees and shrubs of the Northwest. We have the knowledge of proper tree pruning techniques and practices for any type and size of trees and shrubs. Our trained professionals understand what it takes to get each job completed with ease and efficiency. Your job will start with a plan of action that ensures the safety, health and beauty of each trimmed tree, shrub, and surrounding landscape. We are sure you will be thrilled with the look of your yard after our well-qualified team of professionals completes your job.

Trees add so much to our lives. They are the beautiful, majestic keepers of the land rooting our communities and lives together. They provide us shade from the sun and protection from the wind. We plant them to honor special events and people. We light them for Christmas. They mark the changing seasons of the year and provide hours of fun and adventure for playing children. Trees are the living art in our world. The value of trees in our daily lives is truly immeasurable.

It is important that we take care of our valuable trees by properly trimming and pruning. Call our expert tree pruning and trimming staff to enhance the safety, health, and beauty of the trees in your landscape. We can thin branches out of your deciduous trees to allow more sun in your yard. Thinning your deciduous trees will also reduce the amount of leaves produced. Thinning Fir trees allows wind to easily flow through the tree alleviating some of the stress created by wind. Cutting out the dead branches is an important safety measure all homeowners should take to ensure the security of family, friends and pets. Pruning tree branches and shrubs away from building structures and roof tops can minimize damage and contribute easy yearly home maintenance. Properly pruning trees and shrubs will beautify and clean up the appearance of your yard and landscape.

Our friendly tree care consultant is available to offer you an evaluation and free estimate for all your pruning and trimming needs.

There are many great reasons to prune trees and shrubs:
• Maintain good health of the tree and shrub
• Maintain fruit production with expert fruit tree pruning
• Dead-limbing for personal and property safety
• Thinning deciduous trees for leaf reduction
• Thinning conifer trees for wind precaution
• Sunlight enhancement
• Trim away from building to protect roof and structure’s integrity
• Ornamental shaping
• Clean up the appearance of the tree
• Enhance the value of your property

Information on Fruit Tree Pruning
“The purpose of pruning during the first 4 years of the trees life is training- the creation of the basic framework which will ensure satisfactory cropping in later years. With bushes and standards this calls for fairly severe cutting back of the branches in order to produce an open-centered and freely-branched tree. In addition you must remove poor quality wood- weak twigs, dead or badly diseased shoots etc.
After 4 years the purpose of cutting out wood is maintenance pruning, the creation of a regular supply of new fruiting wood balanced with the need to retain as much existing fruiting wood as possible. This pruning is generally much less severe than training, but you must continue to remove all dead wood crossing branches and so on.
All this is winter pruning, designed to encourage shoot growth. However, the main time to prune cordons, espaliers and dwarf pyramids is in summer, and the role of cutting out wood here is to inhibit shoot growth.“
Source: Hessayon, Dr. D. G. (1991, 2005). The Fruit Expert. London: Expert Books, a division of Transworld Publishers.

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